More On Montgomery Co Schools Medicaid Fun

Yesterday we revealed the latest in the Montgomery County Schools saga and there’s a lot more than meets the eye. You’ll want to get caught up before continuing.

We shared with you that lead school psychologist, Catherine Bailey, has been practicing in Kentucky without a license.

But here’s the deal: During the January 27 school board meeting, Jacqui Johnston told board member Dr. Kelly Johnson that Bailey had been billing Medicaid because she was granted a grace period by the state:

Watch the video for yourself — start at about the 13:20 mark, ending about 16:00:

Unfortunately for Johnston, as we reported yesterday, there was no grace period. Bailey was advised by the state that she needed a Kentucky license to bill Medicaid:


There was no mention of reciprocity. Guess who doesn’t have reciprocity with Kentucky? From the North Carolina Psychology Board (Warning: External PDF Link):


At the present time, North Carolina has no reciprocity agreement with any other jurisdiction.

While Kentucky allows psychologists to get licensed in Kentucky if they have licenses in other states, they still have to apply for those licenses. Bailey apparently didn’t do that until late 2014. If she had, it would have popped up during our search. The only reason it wouldn’t: if Johnston was attempting to illegally withhold records responsive to our search.

This is all problematic for Jacqui Johnston because she’s in charge of personnel. Meaning she’s responsible for making sure employees maintain proper licensure, for hiring, firing, you know the drill.

Here’s betting she and Phil Rison, who have apparently turned on each other, are the first two to get the boot when an interim superintendent is appointed.

We’ll leave you with this quote from Joshua Powell from a few months ago:

“Since the hiring of Dr. Anna Powell … special education has experienced significant growth in terms of increased financial allocation, increased Medicaid reimbursement, grants applied for, services provided to students and job growth,” the statement said.

No doubt.