Powell’s Team Tries To Influence New Supe Search

Dena Amburgy, the woman we wrote about yesterday, along with Joshua Powell’s personal secretary, Cindy Kincaid, has been hard at work trying to stack the deck for the Superintendent Screening Committee.

Check out this email blast:


Fascinating, isn’t it?

Let’s break some of those names down:

  • Angela Rhodes — she works in finance and Powell brought her from the corrupt Menifee County Schools finance department during a mega investigation
  • Alison Whaley is a teacher at the high school and happens to be Angela’s sister. Their father? David Rhodes, who works for a company (Walker) that Powell gave a $300,000 contract to.
  • Josh Spencer is the husband of Afton Fairchild Spencer and we’re sure you remember her
  • Nicki Centers is a woman we’ve run across quite a bit recently. Officially, Powell’s people say she’s a kindergarten assistant but actually works in the front office of Mapleton Elementary
  • Francis Allen is supposed to be Anna Powell’s secretary once they take over the illegally-renovated building they’ve been working on
  • Sammi Hatfield and Lindsay Tufuno, of course, declined but everyone remembers them

Absolutely bizarre stuff.

Amburgy and Kincaid have clearly worked hard to create a team of people fiercely loyal to Powell.

Thank goodness it’s the school board who does the hiring and can see right through all of that nonsense.

Who wants to bet Kincaid gets the boot when a new superintendent rolls into town?

P.S. Alison Whaley is a high school SBDM member and her father, David, is a former state school board member.