Powell Crew Gives Up, Holding Meeting Tonight

Dena Amburgy, one of the women deeply involved in all of the Montgomery County Schools/Joshua Powell messes, is holding a meeting this evening to spin her rear end off.

Get a load of it:


Here’s the text of the letter:

February 20, 2015

TO: Members of the Montgomery County Education Association

FM: Dena Amburgy, MCEA President
Mark Rogers, KEA UniServ Director

RE: MCEA Meeting this Wednesday

We know these are difficult days for our community, schools and students. We would encourage all of us to stay above the conflict to the extent possible and focus on the future. However you feel about the current conflicts, focusing on them will not help move us forward.

It is clear that the Montgomery Co. board of education will not retain Dr. Powell as superintendent beyond July 1, 2015. Dr. Powell’s legal situations with the school board and the standards board will work themselves out one way or the other through established processes. At this point, our feelings and thoughts will not change those outcomes.

It’s also important for us to also to focus on maintaining a strong Montgomery County Education Association. MCEA must be strong and united to work with the new superintendent and assure that members’ voices are heard and rights are protected. MCEA must be able to work with whoever is in control in central office in the future.

Our ability to put the past behind us will determine the future or (sic) Montgomery County schools and students as well as MCEA. Let’s pledge to face the future of one mind, focused on our students’ future.

We invite you to join us to discuss our path forward at a meeting just for MCEA members:

Wednesday, February 25, 4:30 p.m.
Early Learning Center Meeting Room
212 North Maysville Road, Mt. Sterling

Isn’t that nice? Better late than never. Joshua Powell’s inner circle has officially given up on him ever being superintendent again.

But you can read for yourself above that they’re panicked about his replacement.

Why? They’re afraid Powell’s replacement will be ousting gobs of people who have been involved in scandal after scandal.