Problems Bubbling To Surface In Montgomery Co

In light of this evening’s Montgomery County School Board meeting (hot mess in 3, 2…), let’s take a look at some video highlights from Thursday (02/19) evening’s special session of the board.

Seems no one trusts the superintendent or his lackeys on the finance front:

Remember when Joshua Powell claimed he did everything by the book and that nothing was ever untoward? Turns out his own push to change the way members of the community get to speak during school board meetings is — wait for it — against school board policy.

What was that, again, about Joshua Powell repeatedly hiring people who aren’t qualified? And the hiring freeze? Uh…

And those damn Chromebooks? Turns out they made a deal in OCTOBER! Literally months before receiving approval to make the $1.3+ million purchase. And now there are mountains of questions surrounding dates, documentation, signatures, contracts.

It’s a real disaster that none of the Powell Posse — including Jacqui Johnston, Phil Rison, and the two technology folks — can escape.

They’ve bungled away more than a million of your tax dollars. Those people. With no oversight. And they can’t even be held accountable for being ridiculously ill-prepared.

Tonight’s meeting should be fun.