Your Frozen Monday Montgomery Co Update

In the ongoing nightmare/soap opera/scandal that is Joshua Powell and Montgomery County Schools, we’ve got an update.

If you’re following the saga, you know the school board suspended soon-to-be-former superintendent Powell and he filed suit. Rather than take responsibility for his own action or inaction by allowing for a proper investigation, he did the craziest thing possible. Obviously. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do — shoot yourself in the foot when you’re getting paid to do nothing.

Both Circuit Court judges in the area recused themselves from the case. One of them, Beth Maze, submitted probably the most amazing recusal in the history of recusals in Kentucky. You know how that all played out.

Which brings us to today: the case has finally been assigned to Judge Eddy Coleman in Pike County. Because Powell wants to do everything as shady as possible, he’s begging for a change of venue — Pikeville. Rather than have the judge drive to Mt. Sterling, Powell thinks it’s a better idea to have the five members of the school board and everyone else involved drive the three hours east. Common sense clearly is not a thing in this mess.

Really, a change of venue for a simple matter of employment? Does it even matter?

Powell’s likely to be terminated before any hearing can take place.

This is all just crazy and a real waste of taxpayer dollars. Suing because you’ve been suspended with pay.

The only reason he’s so desperate to get back into his office is so he can direct everything in-person. It’s certainly not to hide things, as he’s got people who still do that for him.

What on earth is wrong with these people?

Thank goodness this will all be over soon. Powell will be terminated, a new superintendent will be hired, a handful of people pink slipped, full-scale forensic accounting investigations can take place (not random sample, biased audits), complete investigations of academics (testing, test scores, special education programs and the like), life will go on.

The longer this drags out, the more it costs, the angrier the public becomes.