Montgomery Co Crew Still Working To Hide Info

Yesterday we mentioned that Jacqui Johnston, the chief administrative officer (head secretary) of Montgomery County Schools, was once again working to protect her soon-to-be former boss, Joshua Powell.

We recently filed an open records request to search Joshua Powell’s email account for a single term. A term that we know popped up thousands of times because we’ve already obtained the emails from a separate government agency.

Johnston was tasked with producing the response and she provided a 671-page PDF document. But the term we were looking for only appeared on a whopping FIFTEEN of those 671 pages. A grand total of zero of those instances had anything to do with what we were looking for and what we know exists.

All Johnston sent was page after page of random news stories from around the state like this:


Literally hundreds of random articles that had nothing to do with our search. She even withheld countless emails that she sent to Powell herself containing the term we were researching.

Yep, that crew in Montgomery County is still working to hide information from the public.

Fortunately, all open records request now flow through the hands of the school board’s attorney because of this problem — because Powell and Johnston have for years illegally withheld public information to protect themselves. We’ve proved it countless times. (This means the board and law firm investigating are now instantly aware of when information is illegally withheld or tampered with.)

This is just another sad instance of the ongoing corruption.

Oh… That term we were digging for? You’ll hear quite a bit about it in the weeks to come.