iPad Report Shows Powell Knew What Happened

Once upon a time we filed an open records request with Montgomery County Schools and then-superintendent Joshua Powell and his henchlady, Jacqui Johnston, claimed what we were looking for didn’t exist.

But you know it did.

Thankfully, despite repeated efforts by both Powell and Johnston — who is still attempting to meddle for her soon-to-be former boss while at the same time turning on everyone in central office — we’ve finally gotten our hands on it.

The recovery report from Sensei about that infamous iPad.

And you know what it appears to prove?

That Joshua Powell and all involved in that scandal, including Johnston, who has manipulated and lied since the beginning, knew without a doubt what was on the device and that Jennifer Hall was acting as a whistleblower, as she hadn’t altered anything on the iPad. Bonus: Despite claims to the contrary, Powell’s own investigative agency — Sensei — said the device wasn’t encrypted.

Here’s a taste of what the redacted report looks like (remember, we have an actual backup of the iPad in question and everything lines up perfectly):


The device even contained data regarding the various wireless networks that had been accessed by Kristi Carter, the woman who was in charge of the device and got caught sending a photo of a young student to an old man:


Just another nail in the corrupt coffin of a handful of small town shysters. Shysters who lie, cheat and steal to maintain power. The folks who conspired to retaliate against Jennifer Hall for trying to do the right thing.

More about Johnston: Wait until we reveal her latest stunt in collusion with Powell. It’ll blow your mind. But you probably won’t be surprised at this point.

NOTE: In the SSIDs listed above (the wireless networks accessed), some of those were accessed by Jennifer Hall or other district employees. Some by Kristi Carter.