Entire Montgomery Co Board Voted Against Powell

Last night the Montgomery County Board of Education held a special session and the outcome was quite surprising.


Despite originally voting against a suspension and investigation, Donna Wilson has turned over a new hypocritical leaf. The entire board voted 5-0 for the following:

  • To extend Joshua Powell’s suspension
  • To force Joshua Powell to return equipment and keys
  • To bar Joshua Powell from school district property (no more trying to sneak in like on 5:45 P.M. last Friday)
  • To assert Mike Owsley/ELPO have a major conflict of interest

Longtime followers know just how bizarre that vote was.

Here’s the video:

What made it extra interesting was Anna Powell’s presence at the meeting. With her was Ed Massey, a Boone County Board of Education member and attorney representing Joshua Powell.

Now Powell has to scramble to get re-prepared for his EPSB hearing, his scheme to give his circle free (courtesy your tax dollars) legal protection dies, Donna Wilson’s in a conflict pickle and the show goes on.