Montgomery Co Takes Another Step Tonight

This evening the Montgomery County Board of Education will meet in a special session, as you’ve likely already heard, in a move that is likely to send shockwaves through the education world in Kentucky.

Here’s the set agenda:

Special Session
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Montgomery County High School Cafeteria
5:30 p.m.

I. Call To Order

II. Discussion and Possible Action to Accept the Resignation of Larry Bryson

III. Discussion and Possible Action to Accept the Resignation of Michelle R. Williams as Investigator Only

IV. Discussion and Possible Action to Contract with Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Maloney, PLLC on Investigation and Report of Joshua Powell and to Authorize the Chair to Execute the Contract

V. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Lifting the Freeze with Respect to the Position of Visually Impaired Teacher

VI. Adjournment

What this means/reading the tea leaves:

Larry Bryson is a one-man shop and realizes the amount of work involved requires a literal team of attorneys with a large support staff and unlimited resources. That’s what Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Maloney provide.

It’s a sign that Bryson discovered way more than anyone anticipated. Which makes sense. Otherwise, embattled/outgoing superintendent Joshua Powell wouldn’t have been ratcheting up the intimidation over the past few weeks in an attempt to attack the messenger and silence witnesses against him in court and before the Education Professional Standards Board.

Like it or not, Powell’s time as superintendent in Montgomery County has come to an end. The school board has two options: it can continue his suspension, which is just silly at this point, or it can terminate him and throw everything at Terry Holliday. Holliday would have 30 days to approve or deny the termination. And at this stage, no one expects Holliday to attempt to defy the board. Not if he wants to retire with a solid legacy and without facing serious heat from the legislature, which is currently in session.

Powell could continue to fight this out in court but if he has any sense at all, he’d take his money and run. While he still has an ability to get a good job and while he has an opportunity to distance himself from everything. In fact, common sense would suggest that Powell should push for a settlement when it comes to termination. I.E,. get his contract paid out, get his wife’s contract paid out and part ways cleanly. The board shouldn’t fight him on a settlement like that. Because it would be stupid to do so even if it was the previous board that approved his contract. The board should also just suck it up, pay his allowances and send him on his merry way. It’d be worth it for taxpayers to be rid of the drama.

The board should also continue its investigation, conduct forensic academic and financial audits and clean house in the district. Montgomery Countians and the Commonwealth deserve to know what has and hasn’t occurred.

And let’s get real for a second. Once the Powell situation is resolved, most of the people suing him and the district will likely back off their lawsuits. It’ll allow the board to settle most of them. That would be good not only for Joshua Powell, since his costs would be low, but also good for the board and the taxpayer.

But what do I know? I’m just some dumb blogger on “social media” spreading lies and misinformation.

In light of tonight’s special session, it may be a good idea for anyone following the Montgomery County mess to review the board’s first full meeting that took place on January 27.

Here’s the video:

Now back to your regularly scheduled dose of crazy.