More On An Unraveling Montgomery Co Scheme

Following up on the iPad scandal revelations from yesterday…

According to notes we made at the time Montgomery County Schools whistleblower Jennifer Hall handed over the iPad at the Office of the Attorney General, a few things occurred:

Kathryn Reed advised Hall and the three people accompanying her that the AG would need a subpoena to access the device. Reed made clear the subpoena would have to include Hall’s name and she agreed that would be okay.

Reed also advised that the iPad couldn’t be removed from the OAG without Hall being informed. She explained that before any action was taken, an OAG staffer would travel to Mt. Sterling to interview Hall and would take a couple weeks because they were short staffed. She never received so much as a telephone call.

That was on October 28, 2013. Kentucky State Police Trooper Nathan Shortridge retrieved the iPad for superintendent Joshua Powell on October 29, 2013. Bizarre.

Additionally, Hall claimed at the time that she didn’t apply a passcode to the device. So we’re left to assume someone else added the code. Either the OAG did it to protect the data (unlikely) or Powell and Co. created it so the device could be wiped clean. Why on earth would Hall turn over a device she wanted examined with a required passcode? Even more bizarre. (Note: We tend to believe Powell’s crew wanted the device wiped because they knew what it contained, how terrible it looked for them, etc. Just a shame for them there were several backups made prior to the OAG handoff.)