Montgomery Co. Chromebooks Saga Continues

Careful what you wish for, Montgomery County. Particularly when you’re a teacher in the school system and couch your nasty personal attacks in religion.


Because it’ll end up being published, you’ll be revealed again as a meddling hack, an entire school district will devolve into a fit of embarrassment watching you defend corruption that’s been repeatedly proved. And someone will inevitably chime in on your rant to prove you wrong.

Fascinating that Phil Rison is attempting to distance himself from that mess. That’s how screwed up it is. The whole “I don’t believe thangs on that internets” schtick doesn’t cut it anymore because you can’t explain away police reports, government documents, audit reports, condemnation from various government agencies, EPSB hearings and lawsuit after lawsuit.

Attack the messenger all you want but you’re likely to lose your job if you continue to behave like this as a teacher in that district.

But about those Chromebooks. Check these documents out (ignore the highlighting):


Note: teachers are telling students if they don’t take a Chromebook, it’ll be impossible for them to pass their classes due to inability to access homework. That’s just silly.

Isn’t that surprising? Members of the school board still tell us they haven’t seen proof the project was approved by the Kentucky Department of Education. And they most certainly didn’t give the final approval.

This is why Montgomery County Schools can’t have nice things.