Doubts About Holliday Seem To Increase Daily

Hoo boy, the questions and doubts about Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday’s term as top dog increase by the day.

Now people from around the state are throwing documents at us left and right.

Consider this June 26, 2014 letter from Holliday concerning Menifee County Schools:


Crazy, huh? Criticizing a school board for consulting with its attorney to the tune of $40K but ignoring the hundreds of thousands spent on Joshua Powell in Montgomery County.

Turns out that a lot more in Holliday’s letter is… questionable. For instance:

The Vice Chair missed all board meetings between August and December 2013. There was no evidence of communication with the board during this time, and no written request was made to the board to approve the absences. Consequently, no formal approval has been granted. Requests for removal of the Vice Chair have been initiated with the Office of the Attorney General.

Wasn’t the Vice Chair. Was Bennie Deskins, a board member constantly begging the Kentucky Department of Education to clean up all kinds of messes. One of three board members to consistently voice concerns about things like huge overpayments ignored by the auditor. Deskins signed an agreed order with the OAG and turns out? There is, indeed, evidence of tons of communication with the board and everything else Holliday claimed didn’t exist.

Wondering why there are so many problems with education in Kentucky?


Bonus: Do we really need to talk about the $200,000 (Warning: External PDF Link) being paid to Holliday’s pal he installed in Breathitt County?