Another Reason For Montgomery Co. To Be Upset

Remember the millions of dollars outgoing Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell spent on Chromebooks?

Turns out, he made the purchase without taking the required approval from the Kentucky Department of Education to the local board of education for further approval. And no one from the district has been able to provide proof that KDE gave approval.

They showed up last week:


Sad thing is they got the HP version, which means they overpaid for something that is going to under deliver. (Firing up your googler will reveal it’s rarely a favorite)

The craziest part? Kristi Carter updated the district’s website** to promote it all here:


But apparently removed it from the site shortly after concerns were raised.

Fascinating how that works.

And you wonder why the board is removing him?

For stunts like that. Spending millions of taxpayer dollars without proper approval.

**Yep, Carter often updates the website. In addition to running the childcare program and holding the superficial title of “Public Relations Director” — which is funny because it’s not a real thing for a small town school district. Primarily because it’s not legal for her to hold another title while being childcare director and because, again, it’s not a real thing. One doesn’t go from being a daycare assistant or whatever to running the program and serving as PR Director for an entire school district in a single year. It’s just a way for Joshua Powell to keep a fence around his circus.