Powell’s New Attorney Faces Ethical Complaints

Check out what a prominent citizen sent to the Kentucky Association of School Administrators this weekend:

I write regarding concerns related to Wayne Young, Executive Director and General Counsel of KASA, in his representation of Joshua Ewing Powell of Montgomery County Schools. I believe Young is acting unethically, and in the process irreparably harming the integrity of KASA.

It is my understanding that a couple years ago Young consulted with a former principal in Montgomery County, Michelle Goins-Henry, that was mistreated and threatened by Joshua Powell. Ms. Goins-Henry now has a lawsuit against Joshua Powell, listing him as a defendant in both his official and individual capacities. Her situation is also part of the charges against Joshua Powell in his EPSB trial set to begin on January 12, 2015. Undoubtedly Young is privy to privileged attorney-client information related to her case, and is now representing the defendant in said case.

Considering the circumstances, Young’s representation of Joshua Powell is highly unethical, and against the Rules of Professional Conduct set forth by the Kentucky Supreme Court, specifically SRC 3.130(1.7) and SRC 3.130(1.9).

Many people in and outside of Montgomery County are very upset about this situation. There exists a complaint process with the KY Bar Association against attorneys for situations such as this. I encourage the recipients to swiftly remove Young from representing Powell to prevent citizens from having to make such complaints and to maintain the integrity of KASA.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Something tells us that won’t end well.

Shortly after the letter was sent, there were rumblings in Frankfort and with the Montgomery County schools that Young was wrangling to back away as quickly as possible. On Sunday, Young sent an email to the person sending the complaint claiming their concerns were “not genuine” and suggesting they were based on something fabricated, intimating that legal action could be taken against them. Thanks to a KASA insider for forwarding everything along.

If anyone is wondering… Here’s what Michelle Goins-Henry wrote to us before any of this news broke:

He was the one I called when the first shit started with Powell. He was the one who found me an attorney and sent me to Jeff Walthers in the very beginning. I actually talked to him several times on the phone and explained the whole story. I called him because I was a member of the organization. He wants to act like he doesn’t know anything.

So as he continues to claim we’re lying about it? There you have it. In her own words.

He gave her advice in this matter and she can prove it. Now he’s giving legal advice to Joshua Powell in the same matter.