Montgomery County Board Of Education Will Replay Joshua Powell’s Suspension/Firing This Evening

This evening at 5:00 P.M. Eastern, the Montgomery County Board of Education will hold another special session. It’s expected to take less than 20 minutes, as it’s just a replay of Wednesday evening’s special session — all because ousted superintendent Joshua Powell is claiming the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting wasn’t specific enough.

Here’s the agenda for tonight’s meeting:


You can expect the board to once again terminate/choose not to renew Powell’s contract, to suspend him again, to cut off his legal fee free ride, to take away his slush fund and bar him from the district pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

This would be crazy if it weren’t reality. The losing side is apparently begging to be dragged through the mud again… only this time with a much more explicit, much less sugar-coated outcome.

Since last Wednesday’s meeting, we’ve learned that Powell’s new attorney from the Kentucky Association of School Administrators has a giant conflict of interest. He worked against Powell in this case, learning attorney-client privilege protected information, advising one of the individuals involved. Now he’s defending Powell.

We’ve learned that Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday, who is a member of the Education Professional Standards Board, is testifying during Powell’s EPSB trial on his behalf. In effect, that’s a juror testifying for a defendant. You already know where Holliday stands.

We also took a walk down memory lane to relive the past 18 months, allowing everyone to get caught up with the story.

Now we get to watch the real fireworks. A trial, new investigations, additional lawsuits.

We may or may not cover tonight’s meeting live because there’s always the potential for shenanigans. Just don’t expect a different outcome.