Montgomery Co: Sadly, Your Story Isn’t Over Yet

Our investigation may have taken 18 months but during last evening’s Montgomery County Board of Education meeting, embattled superintendent Joshua Powell was finally suspended.


As reported last night, Powell is suspended and he’s lost his free ride on the legal fees front. His contract is not being renewed. The board has brought on a new attorney. And there’s another special session taking place Monday evening — the same day his latest Education Professional Standards Board trial begins.

Donna Wilson was the only member to oppose these actions, so you can bet she’ll lose any re-election bid. Though, little birdies tell us she likely won’t run again.

Unfortunately, the nightmare for Montgomery County isn’t over. The process with EPSB will take until June or July. Though, the school board will be able to act long before then if it so chooses. But there are lingering cases with the Office of Civil Rights over Title IX violations, three current lawsuits are pending against him and two more set to be filed any day now. When depositions in those cases begin, all hell will break loose.

Once an interim superintendent is named, investigations will begin and those efforts will take several months. Powell likely will sue the board. He’ll lose. The district will clean house. Everyone will move on.

So buckle in for a long ride. Just know that you’re on the last leg of the trip.

Here’s the video you’re all waiting to see:

Dr. Kelly Johnson should be commended for taking the initiative. It is abundantly clear that Johnson, Bill Morgan, Alice Anderson and (most of the time recently) Sharon Smith-Breiner have listened to their constituents and kept their promises. It’s rare for public servants in such a capacity to stand up and do what’s right despite the serious personal risk involved. They’ve shown leadership and deserve your thanks.

Montgomery County is breathing a small and brief sigh of relief.