Powell Admits Kids Don’t Have Necessary Books

In the December 24 issue of the Mt. Sterling Advocate was an article about Montgomery County Schools considering the purchase of textbooks.

Let’s examine some highlights:


By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

The Montgomery County Board of Education was told last week that the school district needs to invest $150,000 to $180,000 for elementary school reading materials.

Superintendent Josh Powell made the announcement at the board’s Dec 16. meeting.

Alison Hubbard, the school district’s assessment coordinator, told the board that the materials the three elementary schools currently have are outdated and there are not enough to go around.

In some cases, she said, teachers are writing creative stories to share with students as they compare different writing.

Hubbard said children’s book publishers typically operate on six-year contracts, which would be suitable for the district

Powell said reading materials are not needed at the upper level schools, which will have greater technology available through the purchase of Chromebooks.

The board took no action on the proposal.

Isn’t that fascinating? Powell admitting that his schools don’t have textbooks. Finally.

Further fascinating is the price tag. Just shy of $200,000 for six years. Versus the $1.3 million or whatever it was for three years for Chromebooks.

They’ve got gobs and gobs of cash for unnecessary technology purchases but don’t have the basic necessities for education.