Games Have Finally Begun In Montgomery County

A lot occurred during last evening’s special session of the Montgomery County School Board. Even superintendent Joshua Powell walked away surprised.

Remember Alice Anderson?

She was elected chairman of the board and newly-elected Bill Morgan was elected vice-chair. That’s a really strong message they’re sending to Powell and his circle of folks. She worked her way up from being a janitor, Powell tried to ruin her, retaliated against her for questioning spending, launched an OEA investigation (that OEA said it was bogus). Now she’s board chair. That sends a strong message to the people and to students everywhere.

Additionally, Morgan was elected chairman of the board’s finance committee and Sharon Smith-Breiner was named vice-chair.

Some time ago, Joshua Powell decided board meetings should move to varying locations for each meeting in an attempt to keep the public confused. The board put a stop to that last night by deciding all meetings will be held at Montgomery County High School.

The look on Powell’s face after Anderson was elected chair and the meeting location was set appeared strained:


Roughly 15 minutes after the meeting started, the board went into closed session to discuss matters we’ll all be hearing about quite soon. Closed session lasted nearly two hours — until about 8:30 P.M. — and Powell was kicked out of the meeting not long after closed session began:


He was stunned, fidgeting the entire time he stood in that hallway. For hours. With a crowd formed at the other end of the corridor taking photographs.

Not surprisingly, Powell had his entire legal team present. Several attorneys and assistants. Though, they left when the board went into closed session. They’d spent the entire day talking to teachers who were subpoenaed to testify at Powell’s EPSB trial and they’re doing the same today. You can bet that Powell isn’t paying them out of his own pocket.

Some surprising things are taking place in Montgomery County.

There’s another special session of the board that takes place 5:30 Wednesday (tomorrow) evening.

Bonus: Today Powell named Chris Barrier, the guy involved in quite a few of his scandals, as head of school police. Making sure to send a message to the folks he’s pressing to testify on his behalf.