More On Montgomery Co. Intimidation Shenanigans

Earlier today we shared another mind-boggling story about Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell and his never-ending intimidation scheme.

Read it all if you dare. It’s like what we imagine a drug-induced hallucination would be like.

Now that you’re all caught up, here are the attachments Powell/Hughes included with that mind-cufk of a message.

Exhibit 1 — the law the Auditor of Public Accounts determined Joshua Powell and his wife, Anna, violated:


Exhibit 2 — some nonsense from nearly 15 years ago that has nothing to do with Joshua Powell or Montgomery County:


Exhibit 3 — more of the same, documents provided to Hughes by Powell and his taxpayer-funded attorneys:


Exhibit 4 — now he’s getting into the Montgomery County job description that was illegally changed to help illegally hire Powell’s wife:


Exhibit 5 — more job description shenanigans:


Exhibit 6 — the redacted letter from an anonymous teacher (pee alert):



Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 10:27 PM
To: Richard Hughes
Subject: Thank You

Dr. Hughes,

It was a pleasure to see you Monday, even in an unpleasant circumstance.  You have always been so gracious and kind and I appreciate it.  This has been a difficult experience for me to say the least.  I am embarrassed and humiliated and for the last year and a half I have tried to make sense of it.  It still seems like a bad dream and I struggle daily with the fear that I will never return to education.

Please allow me to tell you what happened and perhaps you can offer me advice as how I should proceed.  In February of the 2nd year that I was teaching at ___________ High School, a group of students came to me to share how a young lady was being bullied at school.  This was not taking place in my classroom and I had not witnessed any of it.  The district had suffered two suicides as a result of bulling, so I immediately reported it to administration. Unfortunately, the bully was informed that the girl had told on her.  The next day she came to my classroom to “get the snitch.”  I heard her coming down the hall and I met her at the door to encourage her to go to the counselor’s office and calm herself.  She was out of control and was determined to get to the student that had told on her.  
She shoved me all over the classroom and pushed me violently.  I did get help before she reached the other student, but she had hurt me.  I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a cervical sprain.  I only missed one day and was back at school teaching, but was extremely sore. The girl was suspended for 5 days and put back into the school environment. 

Two weeks had passed and I was still experiencing stiffness and soreness.  I went to the Business Health and they wanted to drug test me.  The timing could not have been worse for me.  Two days before, my niece found marijuana in her son’s room and was very concerned and upset.  She came to my home and we determined that it indeed was a marijuana cigarette and then proceeded to do the dumbest thing by huddling in my laundry room and smoked it.  We didn’t smoke it to “get high” or party, it was more of a curiosity. Of course I refused the drug test, but three days later I was forced to return to be tested or not return to work.  The rest is history. 

I was so guilt ridden, that I went to_________, the Assistant Superintendent, before the results came back and confessed everything.   She was the person that had hired me and had helped me with all of my observation hours while working on my Masters.  I trusted her and respected her.  She told me if I would write a letter of resignation for her to have ready just in case it came back positive, she would intercept the test results and give the letter to ____________ and no one would know.  She explained that I could get my Masters in a few weeks and apply to other districts and tell everyone it was due to being assaulted in my classroom while breaking up a fight.  There was never a fight, because the poor girl that was being bullied never got out of her chair. 

I did ask if I should speak to someone at KEA and she told me there may not be time.  I wrote the letter…every word that she told me to write.  That afternoon the test came back positive and the very next day she notified the EPSB.  I had no idea and was so grateful for her mercy.  I did everything she told me to do, right down to not contacting my principal, because she said she would handle it and I should not be in the position to answer questions.  I tried to fight it when I received the letter, but Alicia Sneed and Whitney Crowe would not bend on the 45 day suspension.  I gave in with hopes that I could seek teaching jobs and explain….it has been horrible for me.  No one will even grant me an interview.  I have had one in _____________ and one recently…neither of which I got the position.  I cannot even tell my daughter what I did.  This is NOT who I am, nor would this ever be accepted in my family.  I don’t even know anyone that smokes marijuana.

I just needed to tell you my side of the story.  I am a really good teacher and I love education.  I dreamed all of my life of being a teacher and now it is all gone.  In one day my whole career was snatched from me.  No one cares that my “sin” was revealed as a result of protecting a child.

I am seeking your counsel in this matter….and your prayers!  How can I get back into education, or do you think it is beyond a possibility for me?  What would I need to do to teach at the University level…maybe adjunct? I have tried everything…I have volunteered for the last 3 months every Monday night at the Adult Learning Center….I have a possibility of substituting at _______….well before the WXIX Fox 19 News release.  I just want to come home…but home does not even want me.

In closing, thank you for listening…thank you for your kind words.  I am so sorry if I have disappointed you. 



Yep, admits to smoking marijuana and blames the agency responsible for certification. Even admits to coming up with a fabricated story with their supervisor and still blames EPSB.

Behavior sound familiar? Caught doing something illegal (like it or not, weed is illegal), tried to come up with a lie with their boss, refused to take responsibility with the certifying agency and blames everyone else. Right up Joshua Powell’s alley.

That’s what Powell and Hughes are using to attempt to influence people. Laughable.

Exhibit 7 — the letter from Fern Reed, a woman who is no longer on the board because she’s as crazy as this bunch:


Pretty sure you now have a good look at crazy combined with education with a little bit of corruption thrown into the mix.

There’s a bit more coming at 3:30 today.