Cherry On Top Of The Montgomery Co. Intimidation

Ready for the best part of today’s earlier stories (here & here) about the latest craziness in the Montgomery County Schools saga?

It comes in the form of an email obtained via open records request from school board member Alice Anderson in response to Richard Hughes and Joshua Powell:

From: “Anderson, Alice”
Date: January 3, 2015 at 10:00:20 PM EST
To: Richard Hughes
Cc:, “Breiner, Sharon S”, Bill Morgan, Kelly Johnson, “Wilson, Donna”, “Powell, Josh”
Subject: Re: Case for the Exoneration of Dr. Joshua Powell


I have read all three emails you have sent, and within them I find several statements I disagree with. You have no way of knowing my feelings at the time I retired, you and I have never discussed why I retired. So by you stating I am an AGGRIEVED board member I would presume you have been listening to gossip.

I take my board member responsibility very serious, and I will vote in what I believe to the best for the students, staff, and taxpayers of Montgomery County.

Please do not sent me anymore emails in regards to this matter

Alice Anderson – Board Member
Montgomery County Schools

Fascinating to see a member of that school board stand up for something.

Great to see this sort of thing in that never-ending disaster.

Fun fact: With the receipt of this email, we’ve officially reviewed 9,683 documents related to Joshua Powell and Montgomery County Schools. For real. That’s how many files are in our Joshua Powell folder. Doesn’t include email, text messages, telephone calls or paper.