Joshua Powell Openly Threatened EPSB Team

Do you want to hear Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell go on a five minute rant against the Education Professional Standards Board?

Or maybe hear him try to personally attack and blame EPSB’s attorney, Alicia Sneed, for doing her job in accordance with the law?

Here you go, Constitutional Law Expert Joshua Powell:


If you can’t listen to audio at work or live in podunk, here’s a rough transcript:

*Clears throat*

I’m gonna take a little bit of a different approach on this cause I’m gonna put you guys on notice.

In, uh, 2008 I was hired in Union County and declined a state assistance from, uh, the Kentucky Department of Education. I was threatened, uh, by several people from KDE that if I didn’t use that assist team, that my life would be a living nightmare with audits specifically from OEA. And that happened.

About a year and a half, some of the best things I’ve ever done in, uh, education, uh, I was written up for, and, and publicly humiliated.

The Kentuck, uh, the, un, KDE dismissed those as they should have but the Standards Board took em all on and tried to make me admit to, uh, several things that just, frankly, didn’t happen. Uh, uh, no adherence remotely to the Constitution.

Uh, finally, after bout a half a million dollars spent, um, you, you guys tried to make me, yo— you strong arm people. And, you say, if you fight this at your own defense — uh, uh, er, your own expense, then we’ll take your certificate for life. Which, most people don’t fight that, they just, you know, uh, succumb to, uh, your demands.

So in the end of that 47-page OEA report, uh, it was found that I’d illegally certified a principal, which was a mistake that the Standards Board made and was kind enough to writ, write me a letter saying so. And then also, uh, uh, the very relevant fight that I was in when I was 23-years-old. Fortunately, uh, that fight was with my best friend, a prosecuting attorney, who has really led me in the direction of trying to change this organization. That was my experience, it’s been a living nightmare.

And since then, I have been had all kinds of private investigations from this office, all kinds of calls, uh, with, uh, absolute malice from Miss Sneed.

Uh, you know, to listen to some of these people, I’m uh, uh, keenly aware of some sexual crimes that, uh, uh, uh, teachers have committed yet not only are they not admonished, it’s still under investigation.

Wh, what I’m gonna put you on notice is, and, I’ve been talking with attorneys for some time. This is a violation of the Constitution. This whole process is an abomination of the Constitution. And I know that you guys only uh, uh, receive, uh, limited information and you have to trust that what’s provided to you uh is accurate, is precise, is, uh, uh, uh, and I know that’s that’s hard because why would anyone present such malicious information, such one-sided stuff.

Well, I’ll tell ya because I, I was going to write some things, uh, to this board and I realized that, uh, this place unlike OEA is under the Constitution. Like KDE — KDE has policies and procedures. This place forgot to develop them. Uh, no up-to-date job descriptions and also no ethical code as required under the executive branch of government. Don’t have one. And when you have that kind of, uh, uh leeway without any ethical or any checks and balances, or any policies of protection — which are called measures of protection — then misconduct can occur. And rights can be violated and careers can be ruined.

So, I think that, uh, uh, things ought to be changed but changed in a way, uh, where we need to start from ground zero. And, you know, I’ve suffered a lot from it and I know that, uh, uh, there’s a lot of people that, uh, were unable to be here today that have contacted me in the last year or so with very similar situations where, you know, you admit to this, you, uh, or you can fight it and we’ll take your certificate for life at your own expense.

And for a young teacher coming out accused of something, what do you do? Try to do everything to, to keep your job and some teachers who that I’ve come across we didn’t employ because they had something flagged on their certificate. And I the listened to Miss Sneed go to these co-ops encouraging all the superintendents to contact EPSB members to say we should be able to flag certificates and it makes me angry because logically you would think everything’s been done ethically and correctly, so we should be allowed to flag these certificates.

But what happens when you, uh, flag someone’s certificate and they’ve not been charged with anything? And then you offer em deals, well, if you’ll turn and you’ll say this, then I’ll not have any charges — stutter — it’s not even a charge, having any investigation anymore — that’s called prosecutorial misconduct.

So, uh, I invite the opportunity to talk more about this at a given time, I’ll have, uh, uh, uh, lots of evidence, including audios, that might be of interest to, uh, this board concerning the conduct of this office. Thank you.

That’s from an EPSB meeting on December 8 that allowed for a period of open speak. The very thing Powell has attempted to abolish during Montgomery County Board of Education meetings. The entire lot of open speak was filled with people Powell allegedly organized to show up and complain. At least a couple of them (are) shady attorneys we’ve covered here through the years.

It’s one of the most bizarre rants from the man yet. Always the victim, never taking responsibility for his own actions, claiming the EPSB is the reason everything has gone wrong in his world. The man is so brazen that he’s publicly threatening the EPSB and its legal team for holding him accountable in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes. And, contrary to what Powell ignorantly spouts, the KRS exist in accordance with the Constitution and the U.S. Code.

Now you hear for yourself what investigators face when merely attempting to do their job.

And all those people who have allegedly contacted him to commiserate? He hasn’t been able to produce a single name. Because there aren’t very many superintendents in Kentucky who have had years-long scandals like his. Those who have? They’re in prison or have taken responsibility for their own actions. They don’t blame everyone else in some bizarre Steve Henry-styled, wannabe barn burner of a rant.