Hey, Joshua Powell, Here’s a Pro-Tip For You

You should know that when you have particular topics abruptly removed from Topix, as only school administrators can? But leave all kinds of others?

It’s a dead give-away for what you’re afraid of.

From a reader in Montgomery County:

There was a post on topix that had links to two of your stories Friday.



The post was deleted. What Powell fears, he gets deleted. He had one or two deleted from last year.


That last one he or one of his people apparently had topix classify it as spam, and it will not post.


I reposted the links to those two stories from Friday. One worked.

This one did NOT:


The only way that I’m aware of to block that link would be for Powell or one of his people to contact topix and label it as spam so as to prevent it from showing up.

Now, what are the odds Powell would tell even Kristi Carter that he has a problem with the legal insurance? He would keep this close to the vest, to prevent any accidental leaks.

There is something there in the legal insurance Powell is terrified for people to find out about.

Remember that when you’re out of a job in a few weeks. Because at this point, there’s nothing you can destroy, hide or delete that can’t be discovered and you’ve given everyone a great road map for where to look.

I have a feeling the new school board will be digging in to everything that’s gone wrong in Montgomery County Schools the past few years. Really digging in. Like external forensic auditor digging in.