Powell's Wife Blames Investigations For Problems

For more than a year we’ve covered Montgomery County Schools and its embattled superintendent, Joshua Powell. That series has included examinations of media coverage regarding an EPO his wife, Anna, filed against him, a school board meeting regarding the mess, police reports and even an in-depth look (listen?) at more than a dozen 911 calls made regarding the alleged incident.

After it all went down, of course, Powell’s wife was illegally hired for a high-paying job within the district. The State Auditor of Public Accounts investigated and referred the case to other agencies after finding nepotism in violation of state law.

But before her illegal hiring, that fateful moment grew to be part of an OEA and later EPSB investigation of Powell. It was such a big deal that Anna submitted a five-page affidavit in support of her husband. And hoo boy, is it intense. She blames investigations into her husband’s actions for marital problems, for outbursts and more. She even hits on something long rumored to have occurred: that Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge intervened to stop the EPO from being served on her husband.

You’ll want to read it all for yourself. Here’s the affidavit, originally filed from Okaloosa, Florida (yep, one of the towns that frequently pops up in Topix discussions attacking district employees):


To hear Anna and her husband tell the story? They’re the victims of a witch hunt. Never mind that the myriad lawsuits and investigations are in direct response to actions and alleged actions taken by the Powells and their ever bizarre circle of conspirators.

Anna is paid nearly $100,000 to illegally hold a position within Montgomery County Schools. A position in which requires her to be involved with young children, their education and day-to-day activities of the school system. Along with supervising (despite what was originally claimed) other employees.