Terry Holliday Is Responsible For The Powell Mess

Just in case you need another reason for Terry Holliday to be removed as Commissioner of Education?


Here you go:



And this:


Those documents are all the reason you need.

Terry Holliday is the reason Joshua Powell has been permitted to wreak havoc in both Union County and Montgomery County Schools.

In his own words, you can read above that Holliday chose to overlook illegal activity.

He even nominated the man for awards.

Holliday knew Powell repeatedly lied about a misdemeanor, knew there were well-substantiated charges against him, countless scandals, countless lawsuits and he still chose to intervene on his behalf. He has covered for Powell since. He’s watched as everything played out in Montgomery County and continues to not only turn a blind eye but to obfuscate and meddle for Powell.

These documents more than prove our point that Holliday worked hard to minimize everything against Joshua Powell. His actions covered for alleged discrimination, harassment, illegal nepotism and untold mountains of legal fees for a semi-rural school system.

But the fact that EPSB eventually charged Powell re: everything he did in Union County — even after Holliday tried to stop it — should tell you everything you need to know.

About those data and test scores Holliday loves to promote…

Regular readers of this site already know that Holliday’s own staff have made clear that those score improvements mean nothing, as they cannot be compared to scores from previous years.

Want to stop Terry Holliday? Call the governor’s communications team: (502) 564-2611. And make sure your preferred gubernatorial candidate in 2015 knows Holliday can’t be a part of Kentucky’s future.