Flashback: Outgoing Board Chair Lied To Colleagues, They're Ready To Testify About It

Remember when outgoing Montgomery County School Board chairman Kenney Gulley lied about being notified of charges filed against superintendent Joshua Powell?


His fellow school board members tell us that matter was recently addressed during a closed session.

They tell us there’s a chance they’ll be testifying about it all in January.

Powell also lied to the board about being charged.


Which may be illegal, according to sources at the Kentucky Department of Education.

Why go to so much trouble? Why lie about it? And why wage a war against the agencies investigating?

The corrupt good old boy system is about money, plain and simple.

They claim the Education Professional Standards Board is corrupt for daring to hold them accountable. They’re further infuriated because a woman is at the legal helm (a woman! the nerve!). It’s all made up out of thin air. Nothing ever happened. Just a couple disgruntled former employees. Yadda yadda. They’ve gotta fight like hell to obfuscate and distract.

Thank goodness everyone sees through that b.s.