The Montgomery County Circus Is Still Clowning

Morehead State University may have played pat-a-cake for a while with open records requests but some information has finally trickled out. We first brought it to your attention in mid-October.

Most of MSU’s folks have been cordial and professional. But… some there have obfuscated, delayed and misled, intentionally or not. (You can make up your own mind on that front. *cough* Richard Hughes *cough*) MSU’s attorney, though, has been stellar to deal with. Which is saying a lot.

We thought it’d be a good idea to start going through material obtained from Montgomery County and MSU. Things like emails sent by Joshua Powell apologist Richard Hughes from his MSU email account in an attempt to spin and influence on behalf of the embattled Montgomery County Schools superintendent.

Hughes sent congratulatory emails to Montgomery County’s newly-elected school board members and included a document he produced in May. And it is bizarre. Complete with craziness from Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. So… pee alert and all that.

Just read it for yourself:


Seems Hughes has been meddling — according to his own documents — with the school board. With a particular focus on Donna Wilson and Sharon Smith-Breiner:

Key Points to Share with Donna Wilson and Sharon Smith-Breiner (June 2, 9, 2014)


I have chosen (the current superintendent did NOT ask me to) to meet privately with Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith-Breiner because we have for many years been colleagues in Montgomery County and Kentucky’s educational enterprise. Though I know the other board members quite well (was Alice Anderson’s and Kelly Murphy’s high school principal; and went to church for several years with the Kenny Gulley family), and have great respect and appreciation for them, it is Donna Wilson and Sharon Smith-Breiner who should, in my opinion, provide the leadership to chart a new direction in the relationship between the Montgomery County Board of Education and its appointed superintendent, interestingly a strained relationship that has existed for 60 years, as I will explain below.

What was that, again, about tax dollars not being spent (using MSU staff, computer equipment, etc) to influence the Montgomery County Board of Education on Powell’s behalf?

Fascinating that anyone would try to cover up something so easy to suss out.

Oh! Here’s the money shot:

Joshua Powell; One term; for all practical purposes, he is already fired unless the current board becomes proactive in keeping him. If he is fired, he will do fine as will his family, but this would be a significant loss to Montgomery County. I predict that he will someday become Commissioner of Education, either in Kentucky or some other state. He might even be selected by the Kentucky State Board of Education to succeed Dr. Holliday, the current commissioner.

Told you it was bizarre.

Note to Powell: I have all of your emails to and from Hughes. He told you yesterday that a reporter had merely attempted to obtain them. He misled you, as I’ve had them for much longer. You can illegally withhold email when people file open records requests directly with you but you’re not the only person with access to your email account. Other agencies have direct access. And when you email other government employees at other government agencies? They have no reason to withhold your messages. All of the items you’ve denied in the past? I have them. All of them. And more.

You’re right. I’m anti-religion, pro-gay and a real piece of crap. But I am also quite a bit more resourceful than you, as you’re about to find out. Again. Have a nice weekend.

Note to everyone following this closely: You’re going to enjoy next week.