Montgomery Co. Gives Lesson In Govt. CYA

Wondering what government CYA looks like?

Here you go, courtesy of the super-corrupt Montgomery County Schools:

Powell blamed the problems on “extremist, silly people pushing their agenda against the district.”

He defended the procedure and said the answer is more strictly adhering to it.

Gulley told fellow board members it has been difficult to balance an open dialogue with the public against the sometimes abusive and accusatory remarks being made.

This *MIGHT* be the funniest thing we’ve read out of Mt. Sterling yet.

Why are they freaking out? Gulley knows he will be compelled to testify at Powell’s upcoming trial. Powell knows he is out of a job come January. And the rest of the board members are unbelievable cowards.

Prediction: All this changes again in January when a new board takes over.

Fun note: We hear Powell spoke to the EPSB this morning.