Montgomery Supe's Response To Latest Lawsuit

Really? Defamatory, Joshua Powell?

From this week’s Mt. Sterling Advocate about the latest lawsuit against the Montgomery County Schools superintendent:

“The filed suit is a fabrication and, frankly, bizarre. The statements included about me, the school district and ‘various John Does’ are erroneous and defamatory, and we are eager to respond. When individuals file a claim such as this, they must sign a document attesting to the truth of the allegations being made. It can be easily proven that those charges are reckless and false.”


There was certainly no discrimination on the basis of sex. Furthermore, any actions of the district are well documented and contrary to the ‘factual claims’ presend,” he said.

The statement from Powell says Goins-Henry resigned her position with the Montgomery County School District Jan. 2, 2013.


“Making change in Kentucky’s public schools is difficult, which is why most schools shy away from doing so. However, it remains my opinion that the risks are well worth the rewards for Kentucky’s children.”

It’s almost like he’s forgotten about all of this.

The guy is captured on hours and hours of audio. Screaming. Yelling. Threatening. Conniving. Scheming. But it’s all fabricated? And the paper publishes what he has to say as the end all, be all?


Something tells us January will be an exciting time for Montgomery County Schools. Not the least of which has anything to do with the three banker boxes filled with MoCo documents someone dumped in front of our place yesterday.