Powell's Personal Attorney Repping His Big Circle

Remember this blurb we shared in September about Joshua Powell and Montgomery County Schools?

We also hear, though cannot confirm, that Owsley has been billing the board for calls received not just from Powell but from Jacqui Johnston, Phil Rison, Shannon White, Kristi Carter, et al. Allegedly, they call him up for advice when they’re preparing to terminate one of the people (like Dusso, Hall, Reffitt, Henry, Wallace) they can’t get to play along, he tells them how to move the puzzle pieces. If that’s the case, it’s a sign that he could be pushing folks into difficult situations that make them prone to filing lawsuits — lawsuits he gets paid to fight.

If any of that’s true, it’s a big deal. The board has never voted to provide free legal counsel by anyone other than the actual board attorney to Powell’s circle of friends.

But those are just allegations from board members who’ve asked to remain nameless.


Finally got proof.

We’ve got all the itemized legal invoices and they are absolutely damning.

Here’s a taste of some of the redacted documents:


More than $63,000, much of it disallowed by insurance (meaning you pay for it).

Meltdown in 3, 2…