Montgomery Co. Schools Turn Physically Violent

Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell has another problem with physical violence on his hands.

From WKYT:

School is supposed to be a safe place. But a Central Kentucky mother says she fears for her daughter’s safety after the teenager was attacked in a fight.

And she says it is part of a bigger problem at Montgomery County High School.


To make matters worse, Benton says, her daughter was threatened over the weekend, told she would be a target of “Fight Week” at the school.

“She was trying to get to her homeroom class to keep it from happening,” Benton said. “I think she was like four feet from the homeroom class when the girl came up, yelled, then punched her and started the fight.”


Shannon White, the school’s principal, said he heard talk of a “Fight Week” after Thanksgiving last year, but this fight was not part of that.

“I don’t think it was something that was tied to a particular time, it was just something that the juvenile who assaulted her brought from in the community,” White said.

White says he was told the girls had some issues over Thanksgiving break.

White said he did not know how this got connected to “Fight Week.”

“I’ve never heard that term before,” he said, “except from some of the kids” who created that label after an incident last year.

Regardless, the connection was made.


After Monday’s fight, Benton is keeping her daughters home from school for the rest of the week.


“Well obviously the school can’t protect them,” Benton said.

Spoiler alert: Teachers at Montgomery County High School (and you know we have pretty great sources there) tell us this has been an ongoing problem, that Shannon White 100% was aware, that Powell was involved and that school board members were begging them not to talk to the press.

Both the sheriff and state police troopers were aware.

The best/worst part: we hear a lawsuit is in the works because there’s a significant paper trail.

Interesting how that all works out.

Yes, some of you told us about this last week and we ignored it. There’s just too much crap going on in Montgomery County for something called “fight week” to matter. It still just barely matters — now because Shannon White has apparently been caught lying on television.

With that bunch in MoCo, the coverup is always a million times worse than whatever it is they’ve done.

Yes, WKYT did a sloppy job with the story. Getting duped by both the parent and White. He didn’t examine the paper trail, just took the district at its word despite a years-long history of verifiable corruption and scandals.

No, it doesn’t matter that the family crying wolf has allegedly been doing what they’re complaining about for ages. Violence is violence and the district knew this was going to happen, chose to do nothing about it, tried to sweep it under the rug.

This is why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.