A Deeper Look At Another Joshua Powell Lawsuit

We told you some months ago that Amanda Reffitt sued Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell.

That came after one of the myriad scandals we uncovered last year.

But we figured it’d be a good idea to look at the suit itself in light of the most recent lawsuit:



7. Immediately upon taking the position of Superintendent, Powell created a pattern of Discriminatory conduct toward the Plaintiff.

8. Defendant Powell singled out the Plaintiff as a female for a relationship she had been involved in with a male employee of the Montgomery County Board of Education.

9. The disparate treatment of the Plaintiff resulted in the loss of her employment in 2012.

10. In May, 2012 the Plaintiff received Notice that her contract for the 2012-2013 academic year would not be renewed.

11. Pursuant to KRS 161.750 et seq, the Plaintiff requested a written explanation for the non-renewal from the Defendant Powell.

12. Defendant Powell failed to respond to the Plaintiff’s request for a specific, detailed, and complete statement of grounds upon which the nonrenewal of contract is based in violation of KRS 161.750(2).

13. The Plaintiff interviewed in June 2012 with the Montgomery County High School (“MCHS”) for a vacant position within the social studies department.

14. The Plaintiff was the overwhelming choice of the MCHS Site Base Council for the position.

15. Despite being well qualified for the position, the Plaintiff was passed over in favor of less qualified male candidates.

Serious mess.

It’s not going away any time soon.