Montgomery County Superintendent Sued AGAIN!

Remember Michelle Goins-Henry?

She’s one of the people Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is accused of threatening and intimidating. Henry alleges he’s physically stalked her and secret audio recordings reveal what appear to be threats toward her family.

Just in case you don’t remember:

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All caught up on that nightmare of a mess for Montgomery County Schools and Powell?

She finally sued Powell and the district last week. Though, he was only served yesterday and most school board members tell us they haven’t been notified.

Sources at the local newspaper there tell us Powell has already attempted to spin the matter with them. So you can expect another big rant from him later this week.

Have a look:







JOSHUA POWELL, in his individual and official capacity as Superintendent of The Board of Education of Montgomery County, Kentucky


JOHN DOE(S), 1 through 10


22. the plaintiff was denied employment due to her sex when the Defendant hired a less qualified male during the school year;


28. That on numerous occasions both during and not during the school years, the Defendant(s), intentionally bullied GOINS HENRY through the use of degrading, humiliating, vulgar, harassing and false communications;

29. That as a direct and proximate result of Defendant(s)’ actions and/or communications, and subsequently, GOINS HENRY suffered from severe emotional distress;


30. The defamatory statements made by the Defendants and Defendant Joshua Powell were made in public, and witnessed by a large number of individuals known and unknown to the Plaintiff;

31. The Defendants and Defendant Joshua Powell made statements to others attributing misconduct, sexual and professional, to and about GOINS HENRY damaging her reputation;

This is merely the beginning, as it is obvious additional briefs will be filed as the case proceeds through the legal system.

No one but Joshua Powell doubts he’ll be out of a job come January but the lawsuits keep piling up. It’s possible Powell will be costing Montgomery County taxpayers for years to come.