Montgomery Co School Board Meetings Less Open

It’s official — Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell and his three confidants on the school board have made meetings less open to the public. In turn, citizens are less able to offer open, public comment about actions the board plans to take and to press for the end of corruption in the district.

Take a look at last month’s meeting agenda:


Compare that to the agenda for the meeting taking place this evening:


Now public comment is divided into two sections.

The first, at the beginning of the meeting, is for commentary on agenda items. Prior to those items ever being discussed, of course, so the public has no way to be informed before speaking.

Second portion comes at the end of the meeting and provides for comment on non-agenda items. When many have already departed.

Fascinating how that works, isn’t it? Powell complained nonstop during previous meetings to push for this change. Then Donna Wilson, Kenney Gulley and Kelly Murphy push it through. The intent was to prevent people from criticizing Powell.

There’s sure to be a bit of awkwardness this evening on the part of that small town criminal syndicate now that yesterday’s explosive news is public. Being complicit in an attempted coverup as elected officials never ends well.

On top of that, the board held what was effectively a secret meeting last Thursday that was quietly announced last minute and not publicized:


Fitting that they’d fight to keep it quiet because it focused on a review of Powell. And, obviously, on stifling public comment.

We hear the new school board plans to reverse this change during its first meeting in January.