The Powell Circle Of Fun Continues In Mt. Sterling

Some fun tidbits that aren’t important enough to warrant their own stories…

Remember when Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell claimed that fancy extremist church — Freedom Church — didn’t cost the school district money?

Turns out the district paid its floater custodian quite a bit of overtime. Not just hours but overtime.

And we hear through the grapevine (from the guy himself on Facebook) that (outgoing board member) Kelley Murphy’s son is about to be hired by Powell as a substitute teacher once he passes his emergency teaching certificate exam. He’s tightly affiliated with that same church.

The bank he worked for? Happens to be the bank we’ve mentioned in the past that’s attempted to silence Powell critics.

At the August school board meeting, our cameras captured him cracking fat jokes about guest speakers with a woman named Dena Amburgy.

For the inside baseball folks: About 99% of Deray’s posts appear to line up with him. Specifically his Floridian travel. So that’s fun.

Bonus: Powell signed an agreed order a year ago.

No wonder the district is a disaster.