More On Montgomery Co Board Lawyer Mess

This letter was handed out to Montgomery County School Board members during Tuesday evening’s regularly meeting:

Members of the Board,

Contrary to the vote of the Board during the August 19th board meeting, removing the contract between Mr. Owsley and Montgomery County AND contrary to the reply of Mr. Powell to the Board stating there would be no more invoices received by the Board from Mr. Owsley’s office, it appears that Mr. Owsley is still representing Montgomery County Board of Education. It appears the authority of the Board is being circumvented. As clear evidence, I have attached an official notice concerning termination of my Wife, Jennifer Hall. On that notice is very clear to read and understand:

A. page 1, the date the notice was drawn, September 25, 2014
B. page 1, the author of the notice, Mr. Priest (associate of Mr. Owsley)
C. page 2, clearly stated “Attorney for Montgomery County School District”, Mr. Michael A. Owsley

I personally have no preference who will represent the Districtat this hearing, but it seems the Board may care that it appears to have dimished authority and no respect with some of the district employees.


William Hall

That was provided to us by a board member. Handwritten notes were made on the sheet itself, so it’s been transcribed to avoid identification of our source.

Despite the board voting to discontinue payment for superintendent Joshua Powell’s personal attorney, the district is still paying him.

He’s still representing Powell at taxpayer expense while the board attorney gets to sit on her hands.