No, We Haven't Forgotten About Montgomery Co.

Last evening’s Montgomery County School Board meeting, like many others before it, was a hot mess. More on that later/after processing video.

It started with embattled superintendent Joshua Powell pressing teachers to show up at the meeting:


That was the first of several email blasts, announcements, meetings and such begging people to show up. Why? To push for spending millions of dollars on Chromebooks. Powell coached his inner circle to show up to hype up his mythical $8 million surplus that doesn’t actually exist.

For the first time, Powell had an employee recording the meeting:


What’s not immediately clear in the above photo is that Powell had the videographer keep dibs on the audience.

Bonus — Powell’s demeanor the entire meeting:


And you wonder why people fear retaliation in Montgomery County.

P.S. Powell almost got outed by the board last night for continuing to use his non-board attorney, who is still being paid by the district’s insurance policy. Despite the board voting to ditch him weeks ago.