Why You Should Keep An Eye On Josh Powell

Wondering why you should keep an eye on Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell this week?

It’s because 23% of state accountability is self-scored!

See for yourself:

The Kentucky Department of Education on Friday will unveil public schools’ high-stakes accountability testing results, showing how schools stack up on everything from reading and math proficiency to college readiness.

This year, the third since Kentucky began testing on the tougher Common Core education standards, the still-evolving system of judging schools will include a new element that, unlike most others, isn’t based on standardized tests.

For the first time, 23 percent of a school’s overall accountability score will be constituted by its own judgment of the quality of its instruction in writing, arts, humanities and practical living — rather than relying on a test showing what students learned.

You can bet he’ll be touting his amazing scores… that he made up himself.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.