Somebody Shouldn't Think He's The Smartest Guy In The Room Or He's Going To Keep Getting Caught

What fun games is Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell up to these days?

Let’s dig in to the latest.

On May 8 the school board approved a new full-time, certified position: a teacher to head the ASP (alternative to suspension) program. Essentially, the district only makes money when kids are in school, not suspended at home. So keeping them on-site = $$$.

Here’s proof the board approved a full-time, certified position:


Note: The SAM position that’s crossed out was inserted by Powell for board approval but wasn’t requested by the high school Site-Based Decision Making Council… which might be slightly illegal and definitely unethical. The board had to nullify the position once they caught wind of what had occurred.

But wouldn’t you know it? Despite the board approving a full-time job for a teaching position, Joshua Powell is filling it with two substitutes (his friends).

Here’s an email from double-dipping Shannon White saying so:


And here’s a letter written and signed by Powell backing that up:


Note: Redactions weren’t made to protect privacy but to shake the tree and ruffle feathers. And to prevent even more retaliation from Powell’s crew.

Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? Powell thinks he’s a legal genius but doesn’t have the ability to comprehend that while fighting an open records request… he was walking right into a trap… admitting that he wasn’t abiding by what the board approved.

We hear one of the substitutes Powell has placed in the job is the sibling of a member of his inner circle. An individual who was illegally hired for another position in the district.

The school board approved a full-time hire, not substitutes. But Powell gets to do whatever he wants, no questions asked, never held accountable.

And you wonder why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.