Meanwhile, In MoCo's Reality-Based Community…

While Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell spends potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars building an office for his illegally-hired wife, the rest of the district is suffering.

It’s no secret that there’s a school lunch mess, a lack of funding for text books, a lack of funding for essential positions. Despite there being plenty of money for Powell to improve his life and the lives of his close friends. No secret at all.

But outrage within the central office has been fomenting for months and Powell’s once large group of insiders is beginning to break up. And they’re beginning to leak unbelievable details about what’s truly going on within Montgomery County.

Just take a look at this photograph:


Dark areas of the brick: where water seeps in. Areas of the gutter where water is overflowing? You do the math.

Last spring there were near-constant heavy rains in Central Kentucky. And in Montgomery County, water was gushing into several classroom and cafeteria windows of one building, ceilings were leaking, water was everywhere. Based on the email paper trail leaked to us, we’ve been able to determine that these issues did not go unreported.

By late June/early July, the rains had returned and the issue was once again reported to school rent-a-cop-turned-top dog, Chris Barrier. He in turn reported matters to assistant superintendent Phil Rison and maintenance supervisor David Walters.

You can guess what never got fixed.

With the latest few heavy rains, water has reportedly flowed in through the front entrance and has even started to make its way through brick walls.

And you wonder why Montgomery County Schools can’t have nice things.