MoCo School Board Gave Powell Even MORE $$$

As promised, here’s a bit more from the most recent Montgomery County School Board meeting.

First up is superintendent Joshua Powell’s report:

Yes, his entire monthly report was about thirty seconds.

Here’s board chair Kenney Gulley claiming the board was voting to pay the final invoice for Powell’s personal attorney, though he hesitates a bit:

The big issue of the evening was the sudden OMG emergency need for an altered pay scale for a speech therapist/pathologist. Yes, the video is a million minutes long. Yes, you need to watch it.

Things to remember:

The board only received notice that they needed to have a new pay scale immediately prior to the meeting. But one board member who is notoriously aligned with Powell, Donna Wilson, already knew about it and had made telephone calls to friends in other counties to assess their pay scales and ask questions. The other board members we spoke with tell us Wilson was given advance info by Powell and Gulley while they were kept in the dark.

Why was Powell fighting so hard for a new pay scale? Would it be that assistant superintendent Phil Rison’s daughter could get a sweet new salary?

Powell said he didn’t explore hiring a contractor despite apparently having known about the need for a new pay scale for a month and a half. Yes, he’d been working on this a month and now it’s an emergency that needs to be rammed through the board? Hiring a contractor would cost about half what it would cost to pay the $7,500 per month amount Powell wanted to pay. You can see it all play out for yourself in the video above.

Still wondering what’s wrong with Montgomery County Schools? Her name is Donna Wilson and she is complicit in nearly everything that goes down.