Montgomery Co. Wants To Spend Millions On Cheap Laptops While Other Areas Of Education Suffer

Can you believe Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is trying to spend potentially millions of dollars (at least $350,000 per year for several years) on Chromebooks ($200-$300 laptops that run the Google Chrome operating system) for kids to take home?

When the district can’t afford text books, essential staff or a lunch program?

A cool idea, sure. But in Montgomery County?

Let’s get real. Buying cheap, flimsy netbooks that’ll be worn out within a couple years (by their own admission)? Riiiight. Just what Montgomery County needs at the moment.

We’d run a video about it but who wants to sit through 30 minutes of yammering on by a couple people who don’t know what they’re talking about? No one.

The board is meeting early before this evening’s meeting to get a hands-on. Here’s hoping they come to their senses.

This bunch is in a mad dash to spend as much money as humanly possible before Powell is ousted.

Full disclosure: this post was written on a Chromebook.