Indicative Of The Problems Facing Montgomery Co.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many daycare/childcare issues within Montgomery County Schools?

Part of the reason is because the woman in charge, Kristi Carter, hires people without bothering to review their criminal background. Until now, that’s just been an allegation. But we finally have some proof in the form of an application of an individual hired by Carter.

Carter sent daycare supervisors instructions to print this individual’s information out and create a file for her. That was right after the person was hired.

Unfortunately… well… just take a look at a document leaked by folks in Montgomery County:


Supervisors, as well as a source at the Kentucky Department of Education, tell us this was one of many improper hires.

We’re all about people getting second chances. Particularly when it comes to silly marijuana crimes. But regulations are regulations and other, more qualified applicants with no criminal histories have been repeatedly ignored.

Seems MoCo folks are sensing the end of a corrupt era, as many former Powell confidantes are beginning to crawl out of the woodwork.