Following Up On A Montgomery Co. Mini Scandal

Remember when we uncovered a potential scandal at Montgomery County Schools involving the church of one of the school board members?

At the time, superintendent Joshua Powell and his inner circle were being secretive about the whole arrangement and board member Kelly Murphy wasn’t talking about Freedom Church.

What we wanted to know: if the church was paying what it was required to pay for use of school facilities and all that jazz.

We wanted to know that information because of requirements that Montgomery County posts publicly:




As you can see, the church has to pay its fair share for using school property and staff. And there has to be a contract approved by the board.

When we first started investigating, guess what didn’t exist: any of that. But surprise, surprise. Here we are a month or so later and Montgomery County was mysteriously able to provide copies of paperwork. That must have been a heavy task.

Now, we hear some board members are questioning fellow board member, Kelly Murphy, superintendent Joshua Powell and at least two teachers about their ties to the church and to determine if anything improper occurred.

The fun never ends in MoCo.