Some Montgomery County Schools Friday Tidbits

We hear through the grapevine that Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s trial could start around January 12. It’s expected to last as long as nine (9!) days.

Since Powell gets to decide whether or not it’s closed to the public, you can bet it will be closed to the public.

But that doesn’t mean people can’t be waiting outside to interview every person who shows up to take the stand.

We recently hinted at a “rumor” (*cough*) that… well… just read what we said:

We hear through the KDE grapevine that the construction company handling the project employs the father of one of the finance employees hired from Menifee County. And multiple (as in multiple, not one, singular person) board members tell us they heard Powell mention his child was hired in an attempt to get close to him for construction projects. (He’s got another kid working as a teacher in the district, as well, but that’s probably unrelated.)

This guy is a former school board member, of course, and is currently running for another political office.

Isn’t it odd?

The guy’s daughter gets hired out of a nasty financial and legal scandal in Menifee County and then his company scores a big project with the district that ends in controversy.

But it’s all just rumor and innuendo. Nothing to see here, move along, puppies and rainbows.

One of that guy’s daughters made false claims against Jim Dusso. Remember that mess?

One of his daughters was also on Powell’s site-based decision making council that hired Dusso’s replacement.

He’s also a (recent) former state school board member. Think that may be one of the reasons no one is taking action?

We hear that while that Montgomery County Schools finance officer was in Menifee County, Andy Barr sent one of his people (Tyler White?) unannounced to several school board meetings. When questioned, Barr’s folks denied it.

When Barr ran the first time, he showed up at church with the guy we’re hinting about nearly every time he was in town to campaign.

So now we all allegedly know how Powell gained access to Barr.

The finance officer in question?

Let’s take a look at Adam Edelen’s special examination of Menifee County that was released in July. Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) for that.

Turns out she was the finance officer for Menifee County Schools at the time of a big mess, some serious allegations were made regarding … wait for it… tornado recovery funds!

Tornado recovery funds were mismanaged.

There were huge conflicts of interest.

Mega problems.

And one of the key figures responsible was hired by Powell.

Imagine that.