Montgomery Co. Superintendent Claims His Constitutional Rights Are Violated When He's Addressed At Board Meetings, Goes On A Rant

Wanna hear Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell rail on during the last school board meeting about how his constitutional rights have been violated by people trying to hold him accountable?

Perhaps you’d like to hear him suggest there’s a flurry of open records requests, complaints, investigations and lawsuits merely because he’s a mythical agent of change?

Here you go:



You know, you have one of two thangs to do. Uh, nothin, and just keep thangs the way they’ve been for so long.

Most peop, most superintendents, lot of them do anyway, and, and when I started out, before I was superintendent I would say, because the people in the buildings, they know what’s goin on. They just don’t expect anything, anybody to do anything about it.

Uh, they know what, uh, what administrators, what teachers doin their jobs and who are not. But it’s just the way it is, it’s the culture. Probably the culture in Kentucky.

Uh, and that’s why, when school districts are low-performin, it’s not because of poverty or money or anythang like that. In fact, it’s about adults.

And now I know, uh, I knew many years before this, why people don’t take action. It’s not because they’re not good superintendents, they’re not good people. It’s because you have to endure a lot of crazy nonsense, you have to be good to endure people turnin you in, doing open records requests every day, uh, you know.

We had to change the way we did business around here from, uh, uh, doing some of our internal work, uh, to just putting an emphasis on kids.

Tonight at (?) this board meeting it’s the most we’ve talked about student achievement probably in the last six months of [unintelligible]. That’s a good thing, that’s what we’re here for.

This is supposed to be about a business for kids, not adults, uh, some people get their feelings hurt along the way, uh, because someone’s held accountable, someone doesn’t get the job that that person thanks they should get and they spend a lot of their life listening to gossip and rumors.

I, I, I don’t thank that the in-depth report from Dr. McGuire, he didn’t interview me, I don’t think he visited any of our schools.

Uh, the information from, uh, Jennifer Golden n Bruce Walters, I do want to point out that probably tonight, I want to make sure the board attorney’s aware that this is in direct violation of our policy, also my, uh, constitutional rights for people to make such claims here. It’s very clear. Um, but I do appreciate the positive comments that were said.

When I see this stuff and endure the attacks, I go in classrooms n I see what’s going on for kids and it’s all worth it…

Highly entertaining, isn’t it?

Powell’s ranting over this meeting. He’s mad because he doesn’t want to be addressed during meetings. Despite, of course, being (according to law) a public figure while serving as a public schools superintendent appointed by an elected government body.

He’s upset over being caught and held accountable. He’s upset over having to endure “attacks” — inquiries, investigations, reprimands, lawsuits — based upon his own actions, backed up by countless individuals, government documents, police reports, the judicial system and the public record.

Meanwhile, the Powell lunatics continue to believe attacking me (Jake) personally will stop me from covering all the messes in Montgomery County. Because attacking the messenger always works out really well. Especially for a school district administrative team in turmoil.