Conditions Perfect For Financial Crime In MoCo

Continuing the long line of financial corruption stories rolling out of Montgomery County Schools? Yep, we are. Here’s another.

Historically, each school in the district (and nearly every school in the state, let’s get real) has had its own bookkeeper.

At the end of the last school year, however, superintendent Joshua Powell either pink-slipped or reassigned bookkeepers at every school in the district to other positions.

Now all funds pulled in at every school go to the central office. All those book fair dollars, fundraisers and such? All of that cash is now controlled directly by Powell. Only one office has oversight and control. There aren’t multiple sets of eyes or a separation of duties, a basic accounting practice for government agencies.

There are now only two bookkeepers employed at the central office and they individually transport bags of money. They handle everything. Just two people do it all.

After all the problems uncovered by the State Auditor, that is what Powell decided to do. The one thing the State Auditor hits every sheriff in the state with — a lack of separation of duties.

With money, no less.

Powell thinks attacking the messenger is going to frighten us but astute readers can likely suss out the scent trail we’ve hit.