Montgomery Co. Schools In Another $ Nightmare

We hear Montgomery County Schools assistant superintendent Phil Rison lied to Kentucky Department of Education officials some time ago about construction/renovation work being done at McNabb Middle School.

Rison allegedly told KDE folks that contractors were merely doing ceiling work and some painting. But some in-the-know folks advised a KDE inspector that there was quite a bit more work being done.

So Rison was summoned to KDE for a meeting Friday to deal with it.

Yet another instance of improperly awarding work or making large expenditures that exceed limits? According to a couple school board members, definitely. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of work has been done without any open bidding.

KRS 162.070 (Warning: External PDF Link) makes it clear than any project beyond $7,500.00 must be put up for competitive bid:

Contracts for buildings, improvements, and materials to be let on competitive bidding — When advertisements not required.

The contracts for the erection of new school buildings, additions and repairs to old buildings, except additions or repairs not exceeding seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), shall be made by the board of education with the lowest and best responsible bidder complying with the terms of the letting, after advertisement for competitive bids pursuant to KRS Chapter 424, but the board may reject any or all bids. All necessary specifications and drawings shall be prepared for all such work.

The board shall advertise for bids on all supplies and equipment that it desires to purchase, except where the amount of the purchase does not exceed seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), and shall accept the bid of the lowest and best bidder taking into consideration the price and the reciprocal preference for resident bidders under KRS 45A.494, but the board may reject any and all bids.

All that’s on top of reports earlier in the week that mega construction/renovation efforts are underway to directly benefit Powell’s wife.

For those of you trying to claim this is merely rumor coming from disgruntled folks in Montgomery County? Our sources (plural) work at the KDE.

This spells disaster in 3, 2…