Montgomery Co. Board Chair Lied Once More

Tuesday we published video footage from a Montgomery County School Board meeting where a concerned citizen raised some, ahem, serious questions.

One of them was about whether or not a school board meeting in 2013 went the way the public record says it went. Specifically, Bruce Walters questioned board chairman Kenney Gulley about allowing non-board folks to speak at a special session.

Gulley said the meeting was not a special session (i.e., closed for comment from the public) when superintendent Joshua Powell’s posse spoke on his behalf with prepared statements.

That meeting took place on January 24, 2013.

So let’s examine the published agenda for that meeting:


Oh, wait, what? The board’s own agenda says it was a special session? Imagine that. Feel free to access the original PDF of the agenda by clicking here.

That’d mean Gulley wasn’t permitted to allow others to speak as he did (remember when they threatened the public?) last year. Just in case it wasn’t clear that he knew he was caught when he started throwing out excuse after excuse during the meeting in an attempt to see what would stick.

And it would mean he once again knowingly lied during an official meeting meeting of the Montgomery County School Board.