Menifee Co. Schools Scandals Are About To Peak

The shenanigans at Menifee County Schools have been reported on quite a bit less than those in Montgomery County but most of our readership should still be loosely aware of what’s going on.

It will surprise no one that the Kentucky Department of Education has decided to send in eight or nine (estimating that number based on what we’ve been able to determine from folks at KDE and in Menifee County) people to conduct an audit of the school system. That’s come down since a circuit judge found the previous superintendent’s contract invalid.

It’s a heap of a mess, really. With the previous superintendent, who was tight with Terry Holliday, KDE refused meetings with board members. Holliday personally denied at least one meeting requested when those board members were alerting him to serious wrongdoing. And look how that played out — the superintendent was ousted and the district is under investigation. Now Holliday and crew see fit to pay attention.

The audit is, according to our sources, set to begin on the 15th.

On a semi-related note: Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell hired two finance staffers from Menifee County after recommendations from Terry Holliday. That was shortly after the Menifee County scandal(s) hit the press. Adam Edelen’s staff were aware of everything that was going down but turned a blind eye.