Proof Powell Used Intimidation Tactics With Dusso

We told you long ago about Jim Dusso — the man Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell fired because he refused to illegally retaliate against Kelly Wallace. If you’re unfamiliar, catch up:

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For quite some time, Powell has claimed that he didn’t use taxpayer dollars to retaliate against Dusso. He’s gone so far as to have his people claim that there were never any official documents drawn up.

But you already know how Powell operates. You have his playbook. You know he makes threats, offers to let people keep their jobs until the end of the year in an attempt to silence them, frightens them into submission. He’s done the same thing repeatedly. With Jennifer Hall, with Michelle Goins-Henry, with Gene Heffington. The list goes on and on.

You also know that if we’re good at anything, it’s getting our hands on documents like these:


See? A paper trail emerges.



Yep — there you have it. The resignation Powell had his taxpayer-funded personal attorney draft up. Along with an agreement to use if Dusso agreed to go along with his scheme.

BUT WAIT! It gets crazier.

Check out the letter Powell sent Dusso when all that failed:


Yes, you just read nine pages of insanity. All claims that Powell had to admit were bogus upon bringing Dusso back into the school system.

And you wonder why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.

P.S. to Powell: We have the text messages between from you and Jacqui Johnston authorizing Terry Rhodes to enter the system. Maybe we should publish those in yet another scandalous story. And some of those teachers you claim filed complaints against Dusso? Some of them have signed sworn affidavits claiming you coerced them. Yep, definitely time for another story.